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Customer Services
PANTELCO Customer Services
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DSL Customer Services
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PANTELCO Customer Services
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• Installation of a New Telephone Line
• Installation of PANTELCO DSL
• Installation Fees and Charges
• Special Services
Payment for Services
• Bills and Payment
• Monthly Fees and Charges
• Charges for Long Distance Calls
Changing Existing Services
• Changes in Existing Service
• Fees and Charges for Service Changes


Bills and Payment

Statement of accounts are furnished to the subscriber every 1st week of the month with the advice to pay before the due on every 16th of the month or within ten (10) days from receipt of such notices. Phone advisory is then conducted by PANTELCO where subscribers with overdue accounts are called and reminded to update their accounts. Failure of the subscriber to settle their overdue accounts thereafter entitles PANTELCO to discontinue its service. Service may be restored only after payments are made. A reconnection fee of P224.00 is included if such subscribers settle their accounts after thirty (30) days but within three (3) months. Subsequent request after three (3) months shall incur a reconnection fee of P840.00. Moreover, PANTELCO will exercise its prerogative to assign disconnected telephone lines to new applicants after the three (3) months grace period.

Monthly Telephone Service Charges

Monthly Fees Charges
(VAT inc.)
Basic Residential Service Fee332.64
Basic Commercial Service Fee582.11
Basic Government Service Fee378.00
Extension Residential Service Fee78.40
Extension Commercial Service Fee112.00
Extension Government Service Fee112.00

Monthly PANTELCO DSL With Free Landline Charges

Monthly Fees Charges
(VAT inc.)
Bronze (Residential) up to 384 kbps999.00
Silver (Commercial) up to 512 kbps1,499.00
Express (Commercial) up to 768 kbps1,999.00

Charges for Long Distance Calls

The subscriber is accountable for all long distance charges resulting from outgoing calls at the telephone listed under his name, regardless of who places the call and whether the same has been made with or without the knowledge and consent of the subscriber concerned.

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